IS0GRB QO-100 (Es'Hail-2)
Geostationary SAT 26Est WebSDR receiver

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located in Dolianova, South Sardinia island, Italy, JM49OJ, is operated by Roberto IS0GRB, e-mail
Antenna is a 1m Dish + (modified PLL LNB & modified SDR interface for GPSDO) to 26° Est. Azimuth 155°, Elev. 41.5°, LNB (Skew) -19°
This is the 1st WebSDR actived on QO-100 on 15 January 2019
It is running on a QuadCore Linux Ubuntu Server x64, 16GB RAM, SSD Disk 500GB

More information about the WebSDR project can be found on

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  This is the IS0GRB WebSDR project diagram v.1.1 (03/01/2020)

-> Launch of the Es'hail-2 satellite (15/11/2018)
-> Satellite guidelines from AMSAT-DL
-> Interesting video of AMSAT-DL, Mario Lorenz DL5MLO making QSO over the P4-A / Es'hail-2 simulator
- 16/01/2019 Various Hams heard some tests on 10489650 with CW signal. Probably not official signal
- 16/01/2019 AMSAT-DL article about the next steps before activate the Ham transponder
- 17/01/2019 NB Ham Transponder actived from about 06.00z. CW signal on 10489635.. probably not official signal from AMSAT ground station...
For info
-24/01/2019 New TV Transponder actived, 11230V & 11350H (Not confirmed).. info:
In others SAT sites, example Lyngsat, it is added for BADR7 SAT. but not confirmed from Arabsat
Someone after a scan in the property of 11350H read SAT 2, so probably is on Es'hail2
Something moves. Awaiting for HAM Transponder
- 03/02/2019 Es'Hail2 become Qatar-OSCAR 100 (QO-100)
-09/02/2019 AMSAT-DL announces that the transponder will be inaugurated on february 14th
- 11/02/2019 NB transponder actived at 9.00z; some recordings of received tests:
- 12/02/2019 QO-100 NB Transponder opened for experimental use. Many stations in the air today
First QSO from Italian stations on QO-100 (IW1DTU - I5YDI - IK8XLD) at 15.00z on 10489670
- 13/02/2019 Tests continue. Many excellent stations present today. New QSO intercepted by italian stations (IW1DTU - IZ1ERR - IK8XLD) at 18.12z on 10489742
- 14/02/2019 After the inauguration the station A71A was in the air and made many QSO
The transponder is operational.
- 15/02/2019 QARS released the two Es'hail-2 / P4-A / QO-100 transponders for official operation
- 17/02/2019 This websdr now has a new PLL LNB locked with external reference, to have a more stable and accurate frequency.
Added SSTV filter for SSTV mode and USB-nrw / LSB-nrw in mobile version
- 21/02/2019 To decode the telemetry on 10489800 you can use the software AO40rcv
It is necessary also to install the VB Cable driver, to redirect the websdr audio to the program as an audio interface
- 27/02/2019 Added DSSTV filter for Digital SSTV mode
To decode the DSSTV you can use the software KG-STV. Normally on 10489620 / 10489625 / 10489630
Others info: or
- 28/02/2019 AMSAT-DL reports that it has reduced the gain of the NB transponder of -4dB to reduce the noise in the passband
- 13/03/2019 AMSAT-DL announces maintenance on the QO-100 NB Transponder
- 23/03/2019 #QO100 groundstation #DL50AMSAT in Bochum is currently under maintenance. CW and PSK beacons will be interrupted for a few hours
- 23/03/2019 My first 3 QSO on QO-100 with Rocco IK8XLD, Valentino IZ5ILX and Maurizio IW9EZO. Thanks friends.
First IS0 station on satellite
- 27/04/2019 Coronation station HS10KING/mm on geostationary satellite
To mark the Coronation of King Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun (King Rama X)
from May 4-6, 2019 the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand under the Patronage of His Majesty the King will be operating a special event station
- 17/05/2019 Replaced old SSTV / DSSTV filter with 3 USB-Digital filter
USB-D1 (0.8-2.6kHz for SSTV etc), USB-D2 (0.8-2.2kHz for DSSTV etc), USB-D3 (1.2-1.8kHz for Opera etc)
Opera tests running on 10489603.5 Dial; recommended to use USB-D2/USB-D3 filters for better decoding. In prog set 1296600 Op.05
  From 01/06/2019 this WebSDR is fully GPSDO Locked (Modified PLL LNB & SDR Interface)
- 10/06/2019    1° Memorial Week I8CVS (Call II8CVS)
Active also on QO-100 from 10/06/2019 to 16/06/2019
- 16/07/2019 Activated in test IS0GRB Winlink server, Dial frequency 10489635 USB
It would be interesting to be able to carry out tests for sending and receiving emails,
useful for those traveling by mobile, in caravan or in navigation where internet is not accessible.
Supported mode at the moment, due delay problems, is new VARA SAT modem:
Please read our tests and updates in the forum:
- 15/08/2019 QO-100 India-Morning-NET on 10489690 from August, 15 at 1.30 to 2.00 UTC all days
  NETs audio recording archive at the following address:
- 09/09/2019    1° Memorial Week I8CVS (Call II8CVS)
Active also on QO-100 from 09/09/2019 to 15/09/2019
-For those interested is active the group "QO-100 Es'Hail-2 SAT" on Telegram
To join the group follow this link:
-02/10/2019 Hurricane Lorenzo - Azores islands. Temporary Emergency Frequency
- 10489.660MHz - 2400.160MHz Uplink
-19/10/2019 First activity on QO-100 from French Guiana from 22 to 25 October 2019
-19/10/2019 II4JOTA Jamboree On The Air Special Callsign 18 & 20 October 2019
- 01/11/2019    1° Memorial Week I8CVS (Call II8CVS)
Active also on QO-100 from 04/11/2019 to 10/11/2019
-16/11/2019 - Roberto IS0GRB - 1st Meeting QO-100 Satellite - Cagliari (Sardinia)
Slides, Photos and Video of the Meeting - Italian/English language
-01/12/2019 - 3rd Meeting Ham Radio & Space in Pescara (Italy)
My presentation at the Meeting about QO-100 IS0GRB Winlink Server & WebSDR
Slides, Photos and Video of the Meeting - Italian/English language
 See also My New IS0GRB VHF 144-146 Mhz WebSDR, for SSB DX, Local FM and Satellite Traffic
-14/02/2020 - New QO-100 NB Transponder Bandplan (10489.500-10490.000)

  -22/03/2020 - QO-100 International Emergency Frequency (10489.860 MHz)

  -11/08/2020 - High-altitude balloon launched from Berlin and transmitting GPS telemetry
through Es'hail-2 Geostationary satellite! Downlink is 10.489606 GHz Olivia 2/125 every minute.

  -16/10/2020 II4JOTA Jamboree On The Air Special Callsign from 16 to 18 October 2020
Active on QO-100: 10489.800 MHz

  -12/12/2020 QO-100 KG-STV Mars On Earth Project Activity from 12 to 13 December 2020

  -30/12/2020 IS0GRB KG-STV Life On Mars Activity Award. Thanks Baris Dinc, OH2UDS

  -04/04/2021 QO-100 Contest Zone (CW and SSB). Updated band plan

  -15/05/2021 QO-100 Fox Hunting Activity from 15 to 16 May 2021
Like our previous QO-100 KGSTV activity we wanted to hunt the foxes on our geostationary satellite transponder QO-100.
This time we will be at home, monitoring the QO-100 downlink frequencies.
Here is the story and procedure to be part of this activity:
Random SSB voice transmissions will be conducted on QO-100 SSB transponder portion
Transmission times will be randomized withing the given activity hours
Transmission frequencies will be random within a few frequency range
You will try to capture and record the transmissions as good and long as possible (hunt the fox)
This transmission will include a chiled’s voice recording with his/her message to space and a secret letter for this challenge
Sending these recordings and the secret word (refer to rules) to us will reward you with an award for the activity.
Activity Date & Time
15 May 2021 15:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC
16 May 2021 15:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC
The following frequency ranges will be used (randomly):
10489.670 – 10489.680 MHz
10489.700 – 10489.710 MHz
10489.770 – 10489.780 MHz
10489.810 – 10489.820 MHz
Please visit the QO-100 Fox Hunting page:

  -15/08/2021 - Invitation to 2nd anniversary of Qatar Oscar-100 India Morning Net

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